Groundwork 2


Decatur, Ga

The two year anniversary celebration at Foundation One Gallery (no longer in business) Group show featuring 32 local and national artists who have all shown at foundation one gallery over the last two years. This was the last show at Foundation one's decatur gallery.

The Red Dot Art Fair NYC

3/27/2008 - 3/30/2008

New York, NY

THE RED DOT ART FAIR NYC Represented by Foundation One Gallery (no longer in business)

Here's a description of the show taken from their website:

RED DOT is a vetted, hotel-based art fair in New York where approximately 45 galleries will show and sell works to the public on three adjacent floors of the elegant Park South Hotel. Galleries participating in RED DOT come from across the US and abroad. RED DOT’s roster includes young dealers exhibiting for the first time, as well as more established dealers turned off by the pressures of other art fairs. This is why RED DOT is of special interest to art lovers and savvy art collectors wishing to get beyond what is currently popular to see what is percolating in areas as yet undiscovered by the mainstream. RED DOT promotes no aesthetic stance beyond it goal of extending visibility to quality galleries and artists who might otherwise go unnoticed because of limited discretionary budgets. RED DOT is a return to the roots of most US art fairs; to a time when young, forward-looking galleries had to rely on innovation, surprise and whimsy to show and sell exciting non-market-tested works instead of showing safe bets to meet expenses. RED DOT works because it allows dealers to take real risks and show works they really believe in. In its second successful year, RED DOT takes place in both New York City and Miami Beach, Florida.

"Sons Of The South" Episodes One & Two

3/08/2008 and 3/14/2008

Decatur, Ga / Atlanta, Ga

"Sons Of The South" episode one & two. The first two installments of the Atlanta based artist collective S.O.S. The group has been split between two galleries to allow each artist more space to work with. The show line ups are as follows:

3/08/2008 at Foundation One Gallery (no longer in business) -Steven Dixey, Dan May, Born, Tyson McAdoo, Rene Arriagada, Bethany Marchman.

3/14/2008 at Rabbit-Hole Gallery (no longer in business) -John Tindel, Dosa, Charlie Owens, Michi, Sam Parker, Omer

Sons Of The South Print Show


Atlanta, Ga

The Inaugural show for "The Sons Of The South" an Atlanta based collective of underground artists, at Eastside Lounge, in East Atlanta, featured limited edition prints from all the artists involved in the collective.

Newstreet Review

12/07/2007 -12/21/2007

Avondale, Ga

Twelve artists who have all had solo shows at Newstreet Gallery in the past three years.

Eyedrum Show with Jason Murphy

12/01/2007 - 12/31/2007

Atlanta, Ga

Two man show with Jason Murphy at Eyedrum Gallery.

Atlanta Creatives Project Photoshoot


I was photographed for the Atlanta Creatives Project which is the brainchild of photographer Neda Abghari. Here's a brief description of the project, taken from the website: "The Atlanta Creatives Project is a photographic documentation of Atlanta's creative core. For years, Atlanta has been home to many inspired individuals who enrich our experiences and everyday lives within the city. The project will serve the purpose of placing faces with the many names. All facets of the city's creative underground will be explored by this is a never-ending visual history of our great city."

acp portrait

Unbuilt Atlanta

9/8/2007 - 9/30/2007

Atlanta, Ga

Artwork featured in a film by Shana Wood at Eyedrum Gallery.

unbuilt atlanta

Newstreet Vinyl Show '07


Avondale, Ga

The third annual Vinyl Show at Newstreet Gallery. 45 local and national artists, all working on 12" records. This is the first Vinyl show at Newstreet's new location in Avondale. One night only show with silent auction of the work, DJ's, and live music after the show.

vinyl show 07 flyer

"Oh God Of Gods, Won't You Protect Me?" Print Release



giclee print release.

edition of 50, signed and numbered.

on Arches 120 lb. paper 16" x 20"

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